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Basketball Players Wear Long Socks for Ankle Support. Basketball players also wear long socks to support their ankles and prevent career-ending ankle injuries. Long socks stabilize the ankles during high-impact jumps. They can reduce muscle fatigue and the risk of injuries.

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Basketball Players Wear Long Socks To Enhance Performance. One of the reasons why basketball players wear long socks is because it is believed to improve performance. Specifically, long compression socks are known to have many benefits. Long compression socks enhance performance by wrapping around the calf muscles to reduce excessive muscle movement.

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Long cut socks were in games, but nowadays, it’s not because compression pants have replaced the socks & those have become out of fashion now. Crew cut socks are now mostly used in the games because the basketball players get the maximum advantage from the socks. Moreover, its length reaches the middle of the shins.

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Basketball Players Wear Long Socks for Ankle Support. Achilles and ankles are sensitive areas and very prone to abrasion when playing basketball. These parts require extra cushioning, and that’s what long socks provide. Double layered forefoot construction offers added comfort and security. Knee-high basketball socks are thus my all-time favorite.

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Basketball players can often be seen wearing two pairs of socks during a game, practice, or even a local pickup game at the park. Wearing two pairs of socks is common among basketball players of all ages. Basketball players wear two pairs of socks to provide a maximum cushion between heel and shoe, prevent less friction, and for style purposes.

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The 1990’s Ankle Socks. This was my heyday. By the time I was in middle school, the high socks of the 70’s and 80’s were long gone. Our goal was to fool people into thinking that we were playing sockless basketball. Showing your socks was totally uncool!

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I used to wear long socks like up to my thighs. ...” “I was committed.” These days, tights have been a part of the basketball wardrobe for so long that some players can’t really recall a ...

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Solving sore feet involves getting the right sports shoes, but socks play a critical role too. The right socks should be comfortable to wear and also guard the feet against developing blisters. Basketball players require quality socks to act as a barrier against infections from bacteria.