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Top Tennis Drills for Kids - Updated for 2021!

The frying pan drill is a easy game to teach kids and it helps them develop their racquet control. With the frying pan technique, the tennis racquet should be in your kid’s dominant hand and should be held in a similar way as they would hold a frying pan. The tennis ball should then be placed on top of the racquet’s strings.

12 Essential Tennis Drills For Beginners & Kids of All Ages

12 Essential Tennis Drills for Beginners & Kids. Warm-Up – Running the Lines. Before your students even begin to hit, I’ve always found it helpful to build some anticipation and get their blood ... The Frying Pan. The Dribble. Simple Forehands & Backhands. Ball Toss Forehands & Backhands.

Training Plan For Tennis Juniors

Training Plan For Tennis Juniors. 1. Group lessons - 90 to 120 minutes - five times per week (weekdays) Tennis training consists of approximately 10% instruction and 90% repetition. 2. Private lessons - 60 to 90 minutes - two to three times per week (typically before group lessons) 3. Physical ...

Training Recommendations for Junior Tennis Athletes ...

Junior players are evaluated for drill group levels by four criteria: - Athletic skills Tennis skills Commitment Competitive results Plan your training program to include the following: - Movement prep / dynamic stretches prior to workouts and competition. - Flexibility / stretching after workouts and competition. - Strength workouts

Watch 5 Fun Tennis Footwork Drills To Improve Your Agility

5 Fun Tennis Footwork Drills. 1. Mini Tennis Z-Ball. This game is great fun, especially for children. You will improve your movement, agility, footwork and reaction time. z-ball-mp4. Procedure. This game is played with two or more players. Players only use the service boxes.

Tennis Drills | 50+ Essential Drills for Beginners to ...

This is one of the best tennis speed drills that strengthen your leg muscles as well. Stand straight with shoulders wide and bend your knees a little bit. Jog forward while keeping your knees bent. Jog back to the original position without turning back. Repeat this at least 15 times. Note: You have to stay on your feet’ balls. Tennis Ladder Drills

10 Best Tennis Drills for Beginners 2020 - An Easy Guide

Hit & Catch. This tennis drill is excellent for beginners and even kids. It involves having the student stand at the service line’s center, waiting for the forehand. For hit & catch, you have to stand at the service line’s center, halfway between the service line and the net, a few balls in your hand and in the pocket.

11 Fun Tennis Games for Kids [Tennis Drills for Kids] - Kid ...

4. Tennis FourSquare. If you’ve ever played this game on the playground you will understand the rules are played the same except you will be using a tennis ball and racket instead of a handball. The four squares should be numbered from 1 to 4 clockwise so that the numbers are diagonal from each other i.e. the number 1 and 4 will be diagonal.